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    2. Chinese

      We are a team full of responsibility and passion for the customer, we strive for learning, Encouraging innovation, Sincere cooperation, Sincere service, Promote win-win, To ensure the fastest possible time, the best service, to maximum meet customer demands, and continued to contribute our strength for the company.

      Corporate vision

      To become excellent integrated power Energy solution provider

      ︱Core Values︱


      ︱Business Philosophy︱

      People-oriented·Efficiency and Pragmatism·Pursue Excellence·Exploration Innovation

      ︱Management Concepts︱

      ·Put select talents, cultivating talents in the first place

      ·Respect and trust every employee

      ·To build learning team, constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individual through continuous learning

      ·Stick to principle, emphasis on discipline

      ·Teamwork, Carry forward the spirit of teamwork